Action oriented programmes

The International Food Waste Coalition aspires to be leading the fight against out-of-home food waste, starting in Europe by:

  • Acting throughout the whole value chain of the food services industry, including packaging and disposals;
  • Impacting local, national and international régulations;
  • Collectively improving practices across the whole value chain;
  • Collectively running specific projects aimed at the end-users (schools, hospitals,…), achieving measurable results and creating momentum in society;
  • Inspiring other


Reducing food waste in schools is also, and most importantly, an opportunity to help students take action to care for our planet as well as ensure that they benefit from the nutritional input they need for their development.

In partnership with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Food Waste Coalition implemented the SKOOL pilot of Do good: Save food!: an initiative to link together all the actors in school catering to reduce food waste throughout the chain and reassert the value of food.

The SKOOL pilot is based on three interconnected sub-projects:

    1. STUDENT EDUCATION: showing why food is precious and how we can waste less.  The Education materials, created in partnership with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) are available on their website by clicking here.
    2. FOOD OPTIMISATION: measuring and reducing loss and waste in the kitchen and canteen
    3. COLLABORATION WITHIN THE VALUE CHAIN: connecting actors to work together

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